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NeSpoon delivers 3d mural for 6th ArtWalk Festival 2021-06-13

NeSpoon delivers 3d mural for 6th ArtWalk Festival

“I want my art to create positive emotions in people,” says NeSpoon, who traveled from Poland to create the third mural of the 6th International Street Art Festival Patras | ArtWalk 6.

The lace pattern, which is the main element of her works, is chosen each time by NeSpoon through a social and communication process. After researching women in the area who are familiar with the traditional art of lace, she asks for stories, emotions, stimuli and inspiration. The same happened with this mural. The result certainly made a woman in the neighborhood very proud.

Asking NeSpoon why lace? She told us that in lace he finds an aesthetic code, which is deeply embedded in every culture, from East to West. In every lace he finds symmetry, some kind of order, harmony or even memories of the past, principles that we all seek in our lives.

The contact with the world, their reactions, the messages and the energy that it receives, when it paints in public space, play a decisive role in its creative process. In Patras, he was thrilled with the hospitality, immediacy, warmth and extroversion of the city.

White lace on a blue background (also known as semedaki), the 43rd ArtWalk mural in total, which you can admire up close at 65 Kithaironos Street.

More information about NeSpoon can be found here.

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