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Neon art installation Wdech/Wydech 2019-03-28

Neon art installation Wdech/Wydech

A Neon art installation throbbing in line with human’s breathing has poped up in the city of Lodz, in Poland. Michał Bieżyński, project’s curator explains the concept:
We were preparing to this realization over than two years, talking both with the local artists and with the artists from Poland. Because it’s the first such a big neon art installation in Lodz, it was very important for us to care about every detail of it, especially in terms of the choice of the proper location and the content of it. We found the wall, which is directly next to the very busy and illuminated crossing, but at the same time, during the night it’s in the dark. Moreover, the chosen place is perfectly exposing the neon’s legibility and it’s clearly visible from the long distance, also from Piotrkowska st. – the main street in Lodz. Also the technology is very important. During nowadays trends of led light systems, this installation is a return to the classical neon technology, where volts applied to the electrodes ionizes the gas in the tubes, causing it to emit colored light.

SUPERGUT STUDIO (Katarzyna Furgalinska, Lukasz Smolarczyk):
The essence of the Breathe-in/Breathe-out installation throbbing in line with human’s breathing is creating an illusion of synchronization between the neon light (element of the city) and the human organism (the city’s inhabitant). The idea is to direct the installation’s influence at a single recipient and his individual sense of “here and now”. This specific humanism manifesto in the city space is intended to draw attention to living quality issues and to the needs of it’s inhabitants. Pace of life, air quality, accessibility and attractiveness of green areas are the issues, which will need to be approached seriously regarding demographic trends and depopulation processes. Breathe-in/Breathe-out is therefore also a kind of memento mori for Łódź. Breathe-in/Breathe-out – as long as there are people, also the city exists.

Project: Supergut Studio
Address: Narutowicza 21
Project’s curator: Michal Biezynski
Organizer: Lodz Event Center

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