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Mural by Johannes Mundinger 2017-11-25

Mural by Johannes Mundinger

German artist Johannes Mundinger presents his latest wall along with his first upcoming solo exhibition at Kunstverein Offenburg: „Flurstück“. The mural is within walking distance (2 min) from the space and was painted ahead, a little while ago.The mural is titled “Zur Freiheit” and is painted on the building two of his ancestors had lived, in the 19th century, when both had been imprissoned for smuggling a forbidden socialist newspaper to Germany.

The Exhibition: 

Opening on Friday, December 1st:

This is J.Mundinger’s first big solo show in his hometown Offenburg, and will have eight big rooms purely for his work.

The German word “Flurstück” means „field sector“. It´s directed towards the work but also to the exhibition space. The Kunstverein consists of eight big rooms, arranged in one line, connected (and divided) by one hallway, so the visitor walks through this eight rooms, each dedicated to one part or series of my work.

Friday, December 1st from 7:30pm
Introduction: Pio Rahner

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017
until Sunday, January 28th, 2018

opening hours:
Tuesday – Friday 1 – 5 Uhr
Saturday, Sunday, 11 – 5 Uhr

winter holidays from December 22nd 2017 until. January 7th 2018.
special opening: December 27th, 2 – 5 pm

Kunstverein Offenburg-Mittelbaden e.V.
Kulturforum an der Weingartenstraße
Amand-Goegg-Straße 2, 77654 Offenburg
Telefon 0781 440561 (während der Öffnungszeiten)

The wall was painted with Elias Errerd

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