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Mural Art Festival in Belgrade 2021-12-06

Mural Art Festival in Belgrade

Urban Art Association Te8” organised a fine mural festival on the 27th and 28th of November in one of Belgrade’s primary schools (Mural Festival OŠBN), with a strong message. Street art is present and street arte is strong. Street art is happening in Belgrade at any time. The slightly unusual period was deliberately chosen with careful planning while being aware of all risks in the urban art spirit, as the intention was to convey a strong message.

The organisers had two goals in mind when thinking about the concept. Predrag Radovanovic ( Pedja Te8), President of the Urban Art Association, explains exactly what wemt on in order to achieve this milestone.


”Firstly, we strategically wanted to organised a festival in a primary school to familiarise pupils (ages 7-14) with urban art. This may, as we see it, result in motivating some future young creative people, who might either becomes artists themselves or study the subject. It is hugely important to educate and show the young art they encounter in streets. Judging by pupil’s comments we believe we are on the right way.”

”Secondly, we were motived by current lack of adequately organised gatherings of this kind in Belgrade and Serbia. Our programme was to include different styles and put an emphasis on supporting our female authors. This group made up of already established artists and those who are yet to come, acted homogeneously learning from each other all the time. New talents were honoured to be able to join well-known artists.”


”Ten artists joined us and painted together. We are delighted we have the opportunity to introduce them this way. You can see how great their works are, brought to life in a great atmosphere.

Artez,TKV , Endo 514.415 , Chenipe , Pedja Te8, Quam, Nataša Lajović , Lazni muralista , Helena and Teodora Jovanovic.

”Belgrade street art scene has always been authentic and managed to survive in challenging times. Our mission is to articulate and inspire as many artists as possible and draw our society’s attention to everything that has been going on. We are still quite young association and grateful to all people who support and promote urban art in Belgrade. Our aim is to give our contribution to the overall story so that Belgrade and Serbia are represented properly on global level.”

”Seeing ourselves as an international association, we shall do our best to initiate and affirm cooperation with foreign artists and organisation we plan to host in Belgrade working on varied projects together. We sincerely hope our event would become a traditional ‘November Fest’ gathering both local and foreign artists in coming years.”


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