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“Metamuseo” by Greg Jager 2018-10-17

“Metamuseo” by Greg Jager

The 100 square meters of dialogue between art and architecture at MacRo – the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome. Greg Jager an Italian visual artist, has produced “Metamuseo” a massive mural in the museum foyer.

The artist, trained in the field of graffiti writing, produced a 100 square meter artwork that harmoniously compares with the architectures designed by the architect Odile Decq.

The project is the outcome of two months of investigation into the museum’s spaces and the graphic reinterpretation of the STUDIO ODILE DECQ concept, based on the graphic rethinking of the building. The artwork follows the strict color palette of the museum: black and gray for the lobby spaces and suspended paths, red for the auditorium, white for the exhibition halls, many of which are found in the recovered volumes of the pre-existing factory.

Metamuseo is one of the museum’s permanent works and can be visited free during the opening days of the Macro.

Greg Jager
Visual artist (born in 1982), constantly relies on abstract graphics with architectural contexts, making the spatial and material graphic sign, with the aim of displacing the viewer by making it immerse in an abstract dimension.
The dialogue between graphic sign and architecture represents a constant theme of research and experimentation for the artist.

Macro Asilo
The redevelopment of the MacRo, under the direction of Giorgio de Finis and under the control of the Palaexpo Special Company, is based on rethinking the idea of ​​a museum institution with the intention of weaving a new and prolific relationship between art and the city. The experimentation, in this sense, concerns the Museum of Contemporary Art and investigates its civic function as an institution that operates in the present time on the production of knowledge, meaning and knowledge, which through art you can make available to people . The Macro Asilo is the first piece of the Polo of the Contemporary and the Future.



Amazing piece Greg!!!


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