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Meet the ‘Street Art + Cinema’ Project 2020-05-31

Meet the ‘Street Art + Cinema’ Project

The idea of Street Art + Cinema project was born in Barcelona, where the project’s curator has lived for many years. At dusk, when the pace of daily life comes to a halt, Barcelona’s stores lower their shutters. From this simple gesture, a spectacular outdoor art exhibition is born which keeps the nocturnal passers-by company, giving them stories full of colour. One of these stories, in a dark street of El Born district, was a copy of a movie poster from 1962 Jean-Luc Godard’s film called “Vivre sa Vie” (My life to Live).


From this poetic junction, the project Street Art + Cinema was launched with the ambition to show how Urban Artists around the world are inspired by the so called “7th Art”. The artistic purpose of the project is to collect, identify & promote any kind of urban artworks (on the street, on walls, in small villages & big cities) with a connection to motion pictures, but also to write a new history of cinema from an unusual perspective. After a couple of years, the result is a huge photography collection of street artists’ masterpieces (3000) referring to more than 600 movies & iconic people from the film industry, illustrated by 600 artists in 435 cities from 59 countries.

Through the website, both street art & movie lovers are invited to travel through this unique collection and to (re)discover the films, actors, directors & actresses who are artists’ muses when they spray the corner of a street, the shutter of a shop or a canvas in their studio.

This testimony is an incredible contemporary art heritage documenting the brief & ephemeral encounter of two major arts of this century, an art journey in hundreds of different locations, & also in space time. From the beginning of cinema to the latest releases, urban artists usetheir cinephile side to create & explore their own universe & style.

Thanks to hundreds of artists & street photographers, the book (in french) Street Art & Cinema was published in 2017, co-written by the project’s curator, Stéphanie Martin Petit, & by Christian Omodeo, founder & curator of Le Grand Jeu street art agency (Editions

Once again street art demonstrates the fantastic tool for education & culture it can be, and at the same time an incredible & constructive way to transform the urban landscape for the good of its community and visitors.

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