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Meet Daniel Rycharski by the hands of 2017-10-28

Meet Daniel Rycharski by the hands of

Magdalena Lazur from sent this great article about Daniel Rycharski  The influences of street art is making a change that people in cities and villages look to public art nowadays.In this article of, they show how an artist, in this case Daniel Rycharski, brought together a village.

The title of the article is “How Street Art Brought a Village Together: Meet Daniel Rycharski” and here are the highlights:

“With his mysterious and whimsical murals, Daniel Rycharski became the precursor of ‘village street art’. At the age of 26, he became the youngest recipient of the prestigious Kulturysta Roku award. Now he has received Polityka’s Passport award. Here’s why.”

“(…)It all started when Daniel Rycharski came back to his home village of Kurówko after his studies in Kraków. It was there that he created a series of several dozen murals depicting whimsical hybrid-animals on houses, barns, sheds and bus stops. The paintings referenced imaginary creatures inhabiting the nearby forests – Rycharski was named the inventor of ‘village street art’.

When he involved the inhabitants of the village, the popular Polish television station TVN made a documentary about him in the Uwaga! programme. Ewelina Kuczmińska and Aleksandra Potoczek describe his work:
His murals painted on farm buildings became a tourist attraction of the small village in the Mazovia Voivodeship. Daniel Rycharski is a young artist who shuns socialising with his peers and urban events in favour of the countryside and its inhabitants. He organises cultural projects for them. He dedicates all his free time and money for to culture in the countryside.”

You can read the whole article @

Great article and amazing story 

Tomás Cardoso//ISSA Team

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