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Macro Artificial Biodiversity by Skount 2017-04-09

Macro Artificial Biodiversity by Skount

”Macro artificial Biodiversity” is the title of Skount’s latest creation for the Sea Container Project that is taking place in Amsterdam since February and is part of the ”Keep it Fresh projects”. Confused? Enjoy the pictures the artist sent to us!



As the artist explains in his own words – ”I painted this mural as part of a series that I am currently working in, based on the idea of a possible artificial macro ecosystem, mixing organic, geometric and abstract forms inspired by different ecosystems of places he is visiting, including colors, plants, landscapes, people, customs and patterns from the pure nature of the place and how the native people include this on they day life, rituals and culture.”

2017_01_Macro-biodiversity_I 2017_01_Macro-biodiversity_H 2017_01_Macro-biodiversity_C 2017_01_Macro-biodiversity_B

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