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Lodz Invaded By Mark Jenkins 2017-11-13

Lodz Invaded By Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins creates and installs his art in the streets of Polish city, Lodz. The American artist, born in Virginia, and known for using trash to create his art, gave a good scare to by passers with  his realistic installations.Mark’s success has included his pieces being published in magazines and newspapers such as Time Out and The Washington Post, The Independent and in the book Hidden Track: How Visual Culture is Going Places.


He was invited by curator Michał Bieżyński from Lodz Murals, to make an open air exhibition through out the city of Lodz. The stunning pieces of art made big reactions to the citizens of Lodz.

Artist: Mark Jenkins –Facebook and website

Location: Piotrkowska street, Lodz, Polad

Curator: Michał Bieżyński @lodzmurals

Organizer: Łódzkie Centrum Wydarzeń @lodzkiecentrumwydarzen

Check more photos in the gallery:

Great work Mark and Michał!

by Tomás Cardoso//ISSA Team


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