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Limited T-shirt collab with B.Different Clothing 2020-06-04

Limited T-shirt collab with B.Different Clothing

We are happy to announce a super cool collaboration with B.Different Clothing, an independent street-wear inspired by street art and graffiti, designed for outsiders, weirdos, and all the people who dare to think different. It´s a brand that claims to take pride in creating not simple clothing, but wearable artworks.

We have decided to experiment on this collaboration because of the common love we have for one thing: street art. It has been over ten years since we started supporting street art and we could not miss this new opportunity to do it through the collaboration with a street-wear brand like B.Different Clothing that shares a big part of our vision and purpose.

To achieve this goal, we decided to design a t-shirt limited to 50 pieces that once gone, they will never be produced again. The backbone of the t-shirt´s design is our pigeon logo, which is an urban bird that perfectly symbolizes the peace and capacity to adapt in the urban environment where our beloved street artists produce their amazing artworks!

Also, to let you know better B.Different Clothing, we asked them a couple of quick questions:

What was the main reasons that pushed you to start your brand?

The main reason that pushed us to create B.Different Clothing was to push people to think different and we wanted to do so using street art as a medium. Our main goal is to challenge the robotic thinking patterns that are present in every society.

Every society tends to classify people with different social labels. The common thinking is that when a person is identified within a specific social group, he/she is expected to follow all its “rules” and conform to certain dressing habits, to certain hobbies, to certain music, to certain food and so on. The result of this sick mechanism is that people, to be included in one of these social groups, tend to think and do the same things of their peers, even when they would like to behave differently.

In our small way, we try to go against this stereotyped thinking patterns, encouraging people to recognize and ignore social labels, while making decisions based solely on their personal preferences and not on what society expects them to do.

Finally, we also wanted to strongly encourage people to be proud of their weirdness and to embrace it every day and that´s why our slogan is: STAY WEIRD.

What does your logo represent?

The creation of our logo was inspired by the fact that it’s impossible to find two snowflakes that are the same. For this reason, we believe that this symbol perfectly represents the philosophy of our brand. Also, the detail of the differently colored inverted ‘e’ that lies within our logo highlights the message that we strive to communicate.

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