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Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada new mural in Laon France 2022-07-25

Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada new mural in Laon France

New mural by Jorge Rodriguez Gerada titled “OUTSIGHT”, invites us toquestion the effects of children viewing their worldthrough the ‘play’ symbol. The mural is situated on the side of a residential building in the champagne quarter of Laon,France.

Gerada’s mural is 10m x 14m and was created using exterior latex paint.The mural portrays a child who is looking at the world through the symbol of the ‘play’ button. Thetones that run across the face encompass many skin tones to depict the universal effects of socialmedia, its algorithms and viral video. The goal with this mural is to talk about how children areseeing this world through a mobile phone from such a young age, as it becomes more evident thatparents use the screen as a new pacifier, without considering the effects on a young developingmind. The piece invites us to reflect on this phenomenon and its impact on society.The mural was completed in one week.

Festival Arts Urbains 2022

The artist C215 and the City of Laon invited 16 international street artists to express themselves inthe Champagne and Montreuil districts. 17 monumental murals and just as many differenttechniques have been brought together to create an exceptional event and unique works todiscover and enjoy daily. At the same time, an exhibition presenting the richness and the different facets of urban art andstreet art is to be discovered within the Cloister and in the exhibition hall of the Saint-MartinAbbey.

Find the location of the works, by clicking on the following link:
(Photos: Mouad Aboulhana)

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