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Ben Wilson – The Chewing Gum Man 2019-11-26

Ben Wilson – The Chewing Gum Man

Ben Wilson has spent years creating an extraordinary trail of miniature masterpieces on discarded chewing gum which extends from St Pauls across the Millennium Bridge to the Tate Gallery.

Ben Wilson, AKA The Chewing Gum Man, is an artist famous for his beautiful miniature paintings on chewing gum. Ben’s work sits outside the gallery space and in the public domain, and it’s there for everyone. Ben’s chewing gum picture trail, that runs from St. Paul’s, across the Millennium Bridge and into the Tate, has particularly piqued the interests of London’s many visitors – and it’s this which we want to celebrate with the book: Ben Wilson – The Millennium Bridge Gum Trail.


Hardback (A6 – 96pp) This is a limited edition signed and numbered hardback. Only 200 copies have been printed and most have already been sold.

Paperback (A6 – 96pp)


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