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Ground control to Major Tom! Truly Design for Spotify 2018-05-08

Ground control to Major Tom! Truly Design for Spotify

Truly Design joins forces with Spotify to honor the Legend David Bowie. The installation was created to commemorate the legendary rock star, who passed away two years ago. An exhibition which recounts his endeavors is being held at the Brooklyn Museum up until July 15.

“Our latest adventure just unfolded in the Big Apple, leading us to collaborate with Spotify for a massive takeover of the Broadway-Lafayette Subway station in New York City, one of the spots within Bowie’s home neighborhood where he could be spotted most often.”

A 1,221 foot anamorphic installation on 30 I-beams which presents two images of the Thin White Duke, portrayed by Masayoshi Sukita and Markus Klinko, visible from the two extremities of the station’s main gallery.
The project was coordinated by Bernstein & Andriulli.


Great piece Truly Design!!


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