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Gargar Festival 2019 Preview 2019-11-03

Gargar Festival 2019 Preview

The fourth edition of Gargar Mural and Rural Art Festival was held earlier this year in Spain. Created by who wants to promote the artistic culture in the rural world, turning the village of Penelles into a reference point, engaging people in a unique project of which its citizens can be proud of. Also, it aims at energising the village and promote tourism.

The festival continues it’s efforts to generate resources that allow to correct the effects of time and the deterioration of streets, reinspiring hope in the neighbourhoods. Here we bring you this year’s magnificent creations by international artists such as ABYS, AÉRO, ALBERTO DE BLOBS, ALBERTO MONTES, BLANXER, B:K, CESC, HOMET, ERIK SCHMITZ, FAUNAGRAPHI, FIL, IRENE LÓPEZ LEON, MIREYA, MARIADELA ARAUJO,FERT & DASE, REPO, ROCKET01, RU8ICON1, SCAF, SERGI BASTIDA, SIMPLE G, SIN SISTERS, ZURIK.





Alberto de Blobs












Gargar Mural and Rural Art Festival was born from the need and the strong determination to add a distinguishing value the village. The objective is to appreciate, encourage and give visibility to artists and alternative ways of artistic expression in public rural areas.

Gargar intends to carry out artistic and cultural projects in public spaces to improve our village, bring art closer to everybody and give more resources to people.

It is an open and popular festival, which was held during the 3rd, 4th and 5th May 2019 in Penelles with works on 900m2 of walls.

Gargar emerges art, music, craft beer and food trucks, along with workshops related to other artistic disciplines. This is reflected in a programme of the highest quality, absolutely exciting for the region.

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