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Final mural for ArtWalk5 unveiled 2020-11-05

Final mural for ArtWalk5 unveiled

The 8th and final mural of the 5th International Street Art Festival of Patras | ArtWalk is complete. Street artists, Silver formz and Monos cwtos, worked on the wall with feverish pace, to create a large, thematic mural. On the wall of the apartment building on Norman and Kanakari Roufou streets in Patras, there is now a full blown mural inspired by the 75th anniversary of the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It comes as a new special mural to decorate the urban fabric of Patras.

Influenced by two of the most tragic events of World War II, Silver formz and Monos cwtos created this fine mural depicting the devastation and suffering caused by wars and conflicts between countries, as well as hostilities. in whatever form they are observed to occur in modern societies.

The two opposite images of the mural, the lack of color, the shades of gray, the black background and the “provocative figures” intensify the attention of the everyday passers-by and make them think about modern reality as well as current and past social conditions.

More information about the organization and its actions can be found: on the  website, on Facebook (Art In Progress) (ArtWalk) or instagram (artinprogress.patras) (artwalk_festival).

Artist Links: 

Silver formz

Monos cwtos

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