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Dodecahedron by ETNIK new installation in Barcelona 2019-03-04

Dodecahedron by ETNIK new installation in Barcelona

ETNIK´s installation in Barcelona is part of the project 12+1 that made paint 12 murals in 2018 on the Hospitalet wall.

The Contorno Urbano Fundaciò organizes a final collective show in the Tecla Sala Museum showing artworks and installations about the 12 artists.

The show opened on 1st February will run till 24h march 2019.
The usual concept about the dualism between Nature and Urbanism is in these last artworks represented with the metaphor of Plato’s solids that combine 5 geometric solid to the 5 natural elements; in the Tecla Museum will be seen a sculpture and a mural behind.

The Barcelona’s installation is about the Dodecahedron, in the Plato’s theory it symbolize the Universe element, and it will be seen in the museum as a floating sculpture and the geometric shape painted on the wall behind, so going on developing the project of painting and making installations about the 5 Platonic solid that will take all this 2019 in different countries.


Great project ETNIK!


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