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Discover Grenoble Street Art Festival 2018-01-23

Discover Grenoble Street Art Festival

Grenoble Street Art Fest was created by the gallery Spacejunk Art Center and was conceived to be the first festival in Europe combining exhibitions and site-specific creations in the city centre with the intention of showing the variety of techniques that are part of Street Art: monumental frescoes, traditional frescoes, stencils, collages, urban sculptures, works on canvas, installations, photography, digital works, anamorphoses, and others.

Tiger Dazzle – Groek and Groel (2017)


Liberté d’Expression – BRKNWRLD (2017)


L’état matraquant la liberté – GOIN (2016)


Le Lion – Srek, Greg & Will (2015)

The project has two main objectives: the creation of works of art visible for all to enjoy and to promote the contact between the artists and their audience. This contact is made possible by constant cultural mediation and by setting up several educative projects. In fact, the festival is the subject of many activities for students and teachers and for the general public, such as guided visits, Q&As with artists and workshops (artistic creation, co-realisation of works, learning to use spray paint for beginners…).

Lady Refugiée – GOIN (2017)


La Courbe – Monkey Bird Crew (2017)

Festival evolution
Grenoble Street Art Fest! Started small, with not a lot of resources but with a lot of willpower. The first edition, in 2015, was considered a success: more than 30 guest and local artists participated and more than 80 works were created in the streets of Grenoble. Then, in 2016, the festival evolved into its second edition, bigger and more ambitious. It counted with more than 40 artists (who created more than 100 works around the city), three exhibitions, and a considerable budget increase.

The third edition has made possible to enlarge the intervention area (reaching neighbouring urban areas like Fontaine and Saint-Martin-D’Hères), it has also helped to consolidate the international reputation of the festival, and it has allowed the creation of a film festival that shows a very complete vision of Street Art. The citizens have shown great support and encouragement and with every year that passes, more tourists become interested in  Grenoble Street Art Fest! It has been a great contribution to the city’s patrimony and promotes Grenoble, already known for its mountains, as a cultural destination for tourists.

Who has participated?
Many artists have already demonstrated their skills in the festival and the list is too long to mention all of them, but some of the local artists are: Etien’, Petite Poissone, Srek, Greg & Will, Snek, Ink4rt, M4U and Juin. As for the artists coming from other parts of France, some examples are: Monkey Bird Crew, Seth, Veks Van Hillik, Green, C251 and RNST. And coming from abroad we have: How & Nosm, DALeast, Lonac, Isaac Cordal, Animalitoland, Will Barras and Gris One, among others.

L’arme de paix – Snek (2016)


Gris One (2017)


Born to be green – Green (2016)


Animalitoland (2016)


Food for Thought – How & Nosm (2017)

About GSAF
The festival was created and is still organised by the gallery Spacejunk Art Center, based in Grenoble (France), and has the support of local and regional institutions. The head of the team is Jérôme Catz, who is curator of exhibitions and artistic programming and project director. In 2003 Jérôme opened in Grenoble the first Spacejunk Art Center, dedicated to Board Culture, Street Art, Lowbrow and Pop-Surrealism. All the work realised by Spacejunk is aimed to preserve the democratic extent of this culture, making the works of art accessible to the general public. Since then, three more Spacejunk Art Centers have opened their doors in Bourg Saint- Maurice, Bayonne and Lyon. The strategy these centers follow is the same: to connect the artist with their audience. Since it was created, the Spacejunk network has held not less than 15 exhibitions dedicated exclusively to Street Art. The art center is also an investor in a social project concerning women. “Project Venus” is dedicated to the fight against breast cancer and the inequality and difficulty to access breast screenings.

What’s next?
Spacejunk’s team is already working hard to get everything ready for the fourth edition of the festival, that will take place between June and July 2018.

Grenoble Street Art Fest! Website:

Spacejunk website:

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La Tortue – Veks Van Hillik (2017)

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