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Cosmic Touch by Skount 2020-11-24

Cosmic Touch by Skount

Artist Skount recently painted this big format panel inspired by a frame shot from one of Aurora‘s poetic music videos and hence inspired by it. The “Cosmic touch” was painted at Keep it fresh projects “Billboard, A & L boulevard project” in Amsterdam.

”Since I listened for the first time, back in 2016 Aurora’s music, I love to listen her music while i am painting or deep on my creative process, her music inspire me and teleport me somewhere else. During the 3 months i was isolated alone in a tiny room, i had listen her music a way a lot while i was sketching.” Skount.

The artist hit the streets, and while thinking of all the new restrictions about social distance, touch and a new society situation, he decided to paint these cosmic hands depicting metaphorically how important the sense of touch is. Touch, as a cosmic unity between human beings and how important social relations are, to nurture the part of our soul.


Keep it fresh projects

Aurora music video

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