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Coronavirus Sucks by Amadama in Milan 2020-03-21

Coronavirus Sucks by Amadama in Milan

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic that is gradually encroaching the entire globe artist Amadama decided to use his time wisely. In the heart of Milan, a giant facade where a commercial publicity banner was recently removed most likely due to the poor public visibility caused by the coronavirus, a vivid pink screen popped up and wrote the words in English, Spanish and Italian: “CORONAVIRUS SUCK THIS, CORONAVIRUS CHUPASNOSLA, CORONAVIRUS SUCACELO”.

This guerrilla video titled “CORONAVIRUS SUCKS” showed up in an ex-noisy neighborhood for nightlife and tourist landmark, the Navigli (conceived by the grande maestro, Leonardo Da Vinci). Italy is now on its fourth week of home quarantine, smart working and school closures, and a week from the complete lockdown.
Now the city is deserted as if it`s gone into hibernation…

AMADAMA (@iamamadama): is a versatile artist who explores various felds as his craving leads to. In the past he was into applying technology to creativity but this year he is seemingly more into guerrilla installations. But hey, who knows about tomorrow….

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