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Control of the blind – mural by Skount 2017-02-15

Control of the blind – mural by Skount

Skount painted some days ago with friends Helen Bur and Wasp Elder when they visit him in Amsterdam. They decided to paint their first mural collaboration despite the cold weather (-4º. C)

So they painted this quick mural inspired by the idea of the nowadays society control, how some unknown entities control us in different ways through television, magazines, advertise, politic, religion…


Those unknown entities tell us what to wear, feel, what to think and expect from our life, what to believe, and they draw in our minds different ideas and opinions already manipulated in their own benefits. Making us in this way totally blind, preventing us from creating our own ideas, feelings and investigate different alternatives ways of our day by day.


They are slowly creating a mass of people blinded that just believe or think on the way imposed by a small group of people and their interests, transforming society into a docile and manipulable flock.

2017_01_Waspelder_HB_Skount_D 2017_01_Waspelder_HB_Skount_F

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