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Cagliari Urbanfest is back with its second edition 2023-11-02

Cagliari Urbanfest is back with its second edition

Cagliari Urbanfest ‐ Generazioni Metropolitane is returning to Sant’Elia neighborhood for a second edition full of events. Starting on October the 30th, the festival second edition will involve both the periphery and the city center in the name of art and sustainability. Street art murals, participatory art interventions, workshops, art exhibits, meetings and more events will take place in the neighborhoods of Sant’Elia, San Michele, Stampace and Marina.

Sant’Elia neighborhood will come alive with impressive urban art once again as UrbanKofa, Rosaria Straffalaci and Roberta Congiu will create new artworks actively involving people and local community. UrbanKofa will paint an electrical cabin, close to last year’s mural by Carol Rollo at Scuola Primaria Nanny Loy. UrbanKofa mural will be part of “Cabine d’Autore”, urban regeneration, sustainability and proximity to communities project promoted by E-Distribuzione. Rosaria Straffalaci will realize a multi-material mural on the wall of Confraternita di Misericordia, located near the Parco degli Anelli. Roberta Congiu will create a participatory art intervention using photography.

The Castle of San Michele will host “Bucolica Urbana”, a group exhibition with works by Pietrina Atzori, Gianni Casagrande, Roberto Chessa, Ciredz, Michele Mereu, Marco Rea and Laura Saddi. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with Orientare.

The Temporary Storing, an art gallery in Stampace’s quarter owned by Fondazione per l’arte Bartoli-Felter, will hold “Biocene”, a duo exhibition by Matteo Ambu and Freom.

Spazio e Movimento, an independent art space placed in the heart of Marina district, will host “Entreterras”, a duo exhibition of photography by brazilian artists Mayara Scudeler and Catia Simões realized in collaboration with Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger |KBH.G .

Cagliari Urbanfest second edition will close with two days of meetings which will be held in Sant’Elia district and at the Castle of San Michele.

Cagliari Urbanfest, the first Street art and visual arts festival in Cagliari created by Asteras with the curatorship of Ivana Salis and Barbara Catte, is focused on the idea of sustainability, expressed in environmental and social terms, on the city as a space of relationships, between people and between people and places they inhabit.

“Cagliari Urbanfest – Asteras president Ivana Salis explained – continues in its intent to contribute, through the communicative power of urban art, to creating new perspectives, and to trigger a change in the relationship between people and places. We will be in Sant’Elia again this year and we will involve people of all ages in the creation of urban art interventions. Active participation in the regeneration of urban areas not only makes those places more livable, but is also an incentive to take care of them over time”.

Cagliari Urbanfest partners are Fondazione di Sardegna, E‐Distribuzione, Orientare, Fondazione per l’Arte Bartoli Felter, Manca Spazio, Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger |KBH.G, Spazio e Movimento, LILA Cagliari, Parrocchia Sant’Elia and Confraternita di Misericordia di Cagliari-Sant’Elia. Media partners:, Blocal ‐ Travel & Street Art blog, Street Art Cities, I Support Street Art. With the patronage of Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, Presidente del Consiglio regionale della Sardegna, Comune di Cagliari.

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Cagliari Urbanfest II Program

October 30-November 11, 2023

Connessioni | Mural by UrbanKofa

Cagliari Sant’Elia ‐ electrical cabin, Via Schiavazzi

Legami | Mural by Rosaria Straffalaci

Cagliari Sant’Elia, Via Schiavazzi n° 8

November 3-4, 2023

Impressions | participatory art intervention by Roberta Congiu

Cagliari Sant’Elia, Via Schiavazzi

January 11-26, 2024

“Biocene”, duo exhibition with Matteo Ambu and Freom

Temporary Storing – Fondazione per l’arte Bartoli Felter

Cagliari Stampace – Via XXIX Novembre 1847 n° 3/5

Monday-Friday 5-8 PM


January 12-February 25, 2024

“Bucolica Urbana”, group exhibition with Pietrina Atzori, Gianni Casagrande,

Roberto Chessa, Ciredz, Michele Mereu, Marco Rea and Laura Saddi

Castle of San Michele, via Giovanni Cinquini

Tuesday-Monday 9 AM-6 PM


January 13-27, 2024

“Entreterras”, duo exhibition with Mayara Scudeler and Catia Simões

Spazio e Movimento, via Napoli n° 80

Tuesday-Saturday 6.30-8.30 PM


January 13, 2024

Sant’Elia, Via Schiavazzi

Cagliari Urbanfest Mural Tour – 11 AM


January 14, 2024

Castle of San Michele, via Giovanni Cinquini

Bucolica Urbana – Le curatrici raccontano, guided tour with  the curators – 11 AM

Nicola Agus Concert – 12 AM

“Impressions |Roberta Congiu”, presentation of participatory art intervention in Sant’Elia – 3 PM

Cagliari Urbanfest Talk – 4.30 PM

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