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BLOOP Festival: AEC Interesni Kazki comes back 2016-08-11

BLOOP Festival: AEC Interesni Kazki comes back

BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival 2016 themed NO FEAR, opened its doors on the 18th July with a sunset party at an amphitheatre along José Padilla and Digital Genetic Pasta. The following day the Festival Headquarters, the BLOOP HQ Museum premiered its endless contents by Dominio, Lo Spino, Silva Ramacci, Rebeca Sanchez, XStreet Food and more. The Headquarters is dedicated to all audiences as a meeting point. Based on the ethos “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY”, the month long fiesta (running until 16th August) is completely admission free.

Artist AEC Interesni Kazki (Ukraine) comes back to the white isle for the 3rd time for the OpenAir.Gallery. For this edition he is working on a 4 stories high mural dedicating 20 days (instead of 5 days which he normally takes), the results will surely be ground breaking. The mural is located in between three murals from the past editions (photo below).

aec interesni bloop
Simultaneously, Spaik from Mexico has completed a mural of an unusual surface, a tunnel that connects the city of Ibiza to the sea with NO FEAR.

According to a press statement from the local city council, the first mural for the project 2016 is scheduled to be erased at the end of the event, 16th August. This mural was recently completed by internationally renowned Greek artist INO as part of BLOOP`s long term project to convert an entire island into an outdoor gallery for all. On the walls of a middle school, titled “NO FEAR of power” INO portrayed two hands which, one big hand gives orders to a small hand. The small hand resists with the middle finger. In a blink of an eye, the mural sparked up debate.

ino bloop

The organisers of the event released the following statement:
We are utterly disappointed that something we have put so much effort is going to be censored. But this does not mean that every person, institution, and organisation should not have the right to do as they wish. Despite the fact that Children will always find a way to reach out to things that adults want to hide from them. It is our duty to teach and educate them accordingly instead of looking away and pretend they do not exist. Anyway, we are an arts festival so I hope that this will be one of the many debates to come, because we spread art. Art has to make people think and stir debate.


bloop banner

Next up…The P.I.G.S exposition by Escuela Moderna/ Ateneo Libertario amid the BREXIT debate at the Refectorio in Ibiza City Council, In Praise of Shadows by Tom Gallant at the cloisters of Ibiza´s City Council, BLOOP KIDS art workshops dedicated to the little ones and more to come.

Despite being an independent initiative BLOOP showcases traditional to new arts, music, workshops, and gastronomy. Little by little but surely, each year the festival has been consolidating its innovative position in the international contemporary art scene. After 6 consecutive years of festival it is now considered as an event for the next generation, showcasing a vast range of activities comprehensible for everybody (i.e tourists who come to Ibiza for the nightlife). Let´s not forget that this event has also become a requalification program to change the tourism marketing tendency of an entire city by bringing art and culture.

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