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Bifido for Mostar street art Festival 2021-09-22

Bifido for Mostar street art Festival

During the first days of September artist Bifido was in Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) creating his latest creation for the mural festival. His special connection with the country, inspired him to create ”LOVE WILL TEARS US APART”.


”Mostar is the city famous for its beautiful bridge, destroyed during the war. Today that beautiful bridge is inhabited by peaks of narcissism. Questionable souvenir photos. Scantinent perfumes. All topped with souvenir shops, where the most Bosnian thing you can find is the Ibrahimovic jersey (which is not Bosnian). All this disappears if you stop looking at the bridge and look below. Neretva is for me a state of mind. It is not a river is liquid melancholy. Every day we spent a couple of hours together.”

”This work is my tribute to this land. To this city. To all the people who live there. Even the most assholes. A cry melted along the tortured walls. Walls of inhabited houses, of empty houses. The cry of the invisible.”

“I am inhabited by a cry. At night he goes out in search, with his hooks, of something to love.”
(Sylvia Plath)

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