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BAZ-ART releases artist line up for IPAF 2018-02-07

BAZ-ART releases artist line up for IPAF

Baz-Art, the organisers of the second International Public Art Festival (IPAF) – 10-19 February 2018, Salt River – is very excited to announce the final line-up of the 20 local and international muralists who will be painting murals according to the theme “We need Nature”.

This year Baz-Art had the full support of The City of Cape Town, IPAF Mexico and Canada. Together with a strong partnership with respective European embassies, IPAF 2018 will see 11 artists from a variety of genres and places coming from as far as Flanders, France, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Canada, alongside nine local artists from all over South Africa.


The muralists from South Africa joining the festival are Care One-Love; South Africanist; Zesta; Sonny; Jared Aufrichtig; Serge One; Keith Vlahakis, Page 33 and MARS.


BELGIUM: From Belgium there is ROA; Anthea Missy; Spear and Linus Haertjens

FINLAND: Salla Ikonen

FRANCE: Damien Gillot

SPAIN: Mariana Palomina

SWEDEN: Julia Rio



CANADA: Ruben Carrasco

MEXICO: Christina Navarette

Baz-Art asked three artists from three continents why they decided to be part of the festival and what their thoughts were about the theme of ‘We need nature’.

Linus from Belgium said: “What motivated me to take part was IPAF’s commitment to the community in Salt River and to the Capetonian art scene in general. I am very grateful to have been invited to be part of this edition of IPAF especially as this year’s theme resonates deeply with the current water issues Capetonians are faced with.”

Asked for his take, South African artist MARS said: “It’s a great project showcasing some amazing local and international talent. The theme is an important one, more so now than ever.”

Argentinian artist, Lucas Aoki aired the same sentiments. “I have never been to Africa. I have always been and still am very curious about the culture and the city of Cape Town. I’ve always heard it was a very unique place. When I heard about the opportunity of being a part of the festival, I was excited about being able to do something I love, but on a bigger scale, and alongside other artists, in a place that will be completely unknown to me. The selected theme can maybe help inspire people to protect what matters the most: the nature that surrounds us and on which we depend. We need to act differently and be kinder to our world – it is, after all, our only planet, our only home and we should be looking after it big time.”

For more information about the artists, visit the IPAF website

Entry to the festival is free, but tickets to the spray paint workshops and guided street art tours are on sale from WEBTICKETS.

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