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Ayia Napa Street Art Festival 2019 2019-04-15

Ayia Napa Street Art Festival 2019

For the third time, Ayia Napa Street Art Festival took over the Cypriot city. Check out the amazing walls that were created along with some of the artists comments!

People who choose the streets as their gallery often prefer to communicate directly with the public at large, free from the perceived confines of the formal art world. Once more, the organisers urged urban dwellers to transform public places into more intimate, creative and personal spaces through art, to implement their idea for given buildings. The artists had complete freedom of expression. The only request was to decorate the walls of the city with artwork emitting positive emotions.

Stenograffia TEAM:

A collaborative team of artists who create phenomenal illusions, collaborations with robot, invisible street art that only appears when it rains and so on! At the moment they are working on architectural series and one of walls will be located in Ayia Napa, Cyprus.


Rustam Qbic:

‘Daytime Dream’


‘Liquid Lights – Ayia Napa / Cyrpus’ – Really happy to finally reveal my large scale mural at this years amazing Ayia Napa Street Art Festival 2019 edition! Not surprisingly it rained whilst I was there, rained a hell of a lot, all of the ups and downs of painting this mural will be on my channel very soon. It certainly was a challenge! But here it is, all freehand, all by eye, all spray paint! I really love Cyprus, and the hospitality and warm welcome from everyone in Ayia Napa makes it a very special place.


Celestial geometric fish escaping from the blue and into the abyss of space.a small reminder the seas are our space on earth.

It’ been a great opportunity to be back at Ayia Napa street art festival.Paparazzi and Sandra made it all possible once again. It’s nice to be part of this movement in Cyprus where there is still a lot to do with art. Amazing to meet world class talented and humble artists.looking forward to the next edition.

Elias Zaarour aka ZED40:

First of all, thanks for your effort with us during the festival, you are really great..Thanks again for the invitation it was pleasure and fun… lets hope for more collaborations. Concerning my artwork, It is somehow representing my city Beirut, a wondering lady toward the unknown, yet she’s not afraid of it.
A dreamy look full of hope and questions about her future.
The colourful representation of the character rendered with organic and geometric forms as texture, represent the multicultural aspect of Beirut, the positive, richness and strength.

Gabriela Junosova:

My work is not the typical modern street artscape. I utilise a style that focuses on figurative art with a
renaissance or mythological theme.
Far too often, this “old school” style of painting can only be viewed within the confines of an art gallery,
where few people get to appreciate its significance.
The enormity of Hera, goddess of women, marriage, family and childbirth, towering high above
passersby on the street, depicts her strength and ability to rule over Mount Olympus as Queen of the

Catt Kyriakou:

Millions of butterflies have made their appearance in Cyprus as part of an annual migration from North Africa! One ‘PAINTED LADY’ butterfly by Catt Soulart Kyriacou You can find all year round at Free Graffiti Spot (municipal parking), Ayia Napa for Ayia Napa Street Art Festival!

MƎLI (Kasia Melikidou):

This mural is the first one ever I did, done spontaneously, completely free-hand. The work style is very close to my paintings on wood, where I use the natural colour of wood as a base of the whole painting. This piece is an experiment for me, inspired by Japanese art and modern surrealism.
The festival was an amazing opportunity for me to finally do a mural and to work amongst amazing artists! You couldn’t help but be inspired by their overwhelming talent.

Andrey Zhokhov;

Fine art to the streets – literally! Andrey Zhokhov, a Cypriot painter of Russian origin who combines Byzantine Iconography and Christian eschatological symbolism with the elements of Surrealism and Futurism in an attempt to reach the same level of powerful impression as in authentic pre-canonical art.

Paparazzi and DANK collaboration:

‘Urban vibes’ – image of a girl from big city. The choice was simple, we wanted something summerish, funky and positive. This image let’s to play with colours, contrasts, combine different styles and at the same time stay true to ourselves.
(Paparazzi draw girl and Dank worked on a jacket).


(Style with 3 main colors)



Royal Venom:



Mathieu Devavry:

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