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Airborne Mark giving a new look to Camden Town 2018-05-04

Airborne Mark giving a new look to Camden Town

Airborne Mark is giving a new look to some spots in London, this time in Camden Town with his origami roseproject. With his inspirational work he tries to maintain the legal walls in London without tagging, which is very difficult nowadays.

By the words of the artist:

“As always. New work comes with a video. In this new episode I am talking about maintaining your own legal spots in London.
It’s an insight of day of a London street artist. I think ISSA audience will find it interesting as normally, we post the latest pieces but with no follow up with what happens withe those spots once it’s old news on social media. Etc.

But the reality is, You need to be maintaining the walls you have had a long run with. Unfortunately, there’s lots of tagging happening.

Check the videos to see more of his work:

Inspirational work Airborne Mark!


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