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1st Underbridge Festival in Salzburg 2019-10-19

1st Underbridge Festival in Salzburg

The first Street Art Festival of Salzburg took place from the 13th to the 15th of September 2019. It was the second festival from the association UNDERBRIDGE from Tirol (AT).

 The three club members intention is to bring graffiti, urban and street art into cities to create them more colorful, youth and creative.


The festivals name, UNDERBRIDGE, follows the first editions location which was under the highway of Innsbruck in 2018. The success and the positive feedback from the city of Innsbruck lead us doing a second edition! After sleepless nights and a large-scale searching we finally found Salzburg as a perfect location and partner for our project. With the financial support of the city and the association SUPER, which helped us with finding walls to paint, it was possible to create a three-day event with 6 professional artist from austria, denmark, france and germany.

The huge and complex walls have to be finished within 3 days, we couldn’t effort to pay the cherrypicker-company for one day more! So time was literally money and the artist somehow worked their shit together and painted with liquids and spray cans until the moon stood tall. All together we used 194 liters of liquid paint and 200 spray cans (huge thank to loop colors for your generous sponsoring!).

On the first festival day the exhibition in the Altes Rathaus (old guildhall) was opened. It was a good way for the locals to meet the artists and to see their studio works. Because it was our request to incorporate the locals, we offered two graffiti workshops for kids and teenagers on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

You’ll find the beautiful murals here:

Jana & Js from Salzburg & Frankreich on Gaswergasse 3

Sayne One from Salzburg on Wallnergasse

HNRX from Innsbruck on Schallmooser Hauptstrasse 38

KJ263 from Düsseldorf on Fanny-von-Lehnert-Strasse 6

Peter Birk from Dänemark on Vogelweiderstrasse 84

Festival Video:

Find them online:

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