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Urban Festival IBUG 2018-04-28

Urban Festival IBUG

The IBUg an Urban Culture Festival is in central Germany, a laboratory for international urban artists and a way of life. IBUg your life and get together! What started as an unofficial graffiti Meeting, has developed into an urban culture project of international renown since 2006. Initiated by the artist Tasso,  every year in August the international graffiti , street art and media art scene form a unique symposium on free artistic work and experiment with genres, materials and techniques. The site-specific installations engage the past and the industrial architecture to reflect current events and breathe life into the abandoned walls new life.

Colorful, creative and back to Chemnitz: the ibug enters a new round. Again, more than 100 national and international artists travel to West-Saxony for the renowned urban art festival. In Chemnitz, the “City of Modernity”, they transform a remnant of saxonian industrial culture into a synthesis of the arts. For it´s 13th edition, virtuosos from all over the world such as Various & Gould (D), Kera 1 (D), UderとSchindl (D), Tape That (D), Milo (CZ), Inso Inso (CH), Opiemme (I), Angel Toren (E), Spidertag (E), Elparo (F), Arthur Louis Ignoré (F), Wasp Elder (GB), Jo Higgs (GB), Helen Bur (GB), Lost Optics (RO), Alonso Cisneros (USA), Ilana Pichon (CDN), Halo (BR), Colectivo Licuado (ROU) or Metzican (MEX) announced themselves.

First-timers, passionate visitors and art-lovers get the possibility to visit the ibug twice – from the 24th to the 26th of August and again from the 31st of August to the 2nd of September. They can expect an extraordinary potpourri of murals and graffiti, illustrations and installations, performance and multimedia, as well as a extensive program including guided tours, movies, artist-talks, panel-discussions, an art-market and, of course, parties. In between the festival-weekends school classes get the opportunity to discover the brownfield together with the ibug-team and get a new perspective on contemporary art.

To create the best circumstances for artists and visitors, this years location needs to stay a secret until the 27th of July.

”I Support Street Art” is proud to actively support IBUg as a Media partner, in an effort to bring the World closer to the best Street Art available!



The IBUg transformed forgotten witnesses of the Saxon industrial culture to temporary total works of art. For Festival presenting artists and organizers on the IBUg-terrain all varieties of Urban Culture in fashion, film, music, design and art. The IBUg raises awareness of the contexts of history, art, culture and architecture and is in a region that is exposed to extensive structural changes by the industrial and demographic change, exemplary impulses in creative dealing with the past.

The IBUg is an Urban Culture Festival in Germany, a lab for international urban artists and a way of life! IBUg your life and get together! Founded as an unofficial graffti meeting by artists in 2006. The Tasso IBUg Grows up to a well-known international urban culture-project. The IBUg is an unique symposium for the international graffiti, street art and media art scene. It offers a place for creating free art and finding innovative artistic ways for mixing genres, materials and techniques.


The site-specific installations reflect the past and the nowadays as well, interact with the industrial architecture and reactivate life in lost places. The festival gives an overview of urban art in movies, fashion, music, design and art as a synthesis. IBUg is at reusing impetus of the past in a creative way in a region, Which has to deal with strong industrial and demographic changes.

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