Intruso Intervention in Venezuela 2017-10-19

Intruso Intervention in Venezuela

Street Artist Intruso visited a conflict area in Venezuela and made the place more colorful!! Acompanied by the petic text of Alex Trujillo the artist has created a moment of praising towards birds and the common ground it shares with man.

Men and birds defy laws of men and nature when they feel the need –the urge- of leaving their nests.

Men and birds change their colors as soon as seasons and longing for love demand it. The landscape knows well when men and birds turn it into something that never was and now does not matter anymore.

Men and birds fear borders and cages. Yet, they are not eclipsed by these because anxieties and curiositiy make them avoid the obvious obstacles.

Men and birds fly higher, farther and faster. They do it for different reasons but them all head to the same Freedom, even though they don´t always understand it. Men and birds lay on the sole conviction that Hope worths patience and distance.

Men and birds draw a map based on Faith. They don´t know the odds and perils ahead; they just think that everything will be better than what they leave behind.

Men and birds are creations of the dawn that keep demanding peace everywhere they go while some god watch them in silence.

Great job Intruso!!!

Tomás Cardoso//ISSA Team

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