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Bristol Street Art Guide 2017-05-25

Bristol Street Art Guide

We loved Laurent’s guide to Bristol’s street art, from large murals down to festivals, tours and smaller pieces of the beaten track. So we wanted to share this useful guide with you. You’ll find in his guide:– An interactive map of Banksy’s Artworks

– All the various districts to find the best street art pieces (with street names and points of interest):

Bristol center, North Street, Bedminster « the UpfestKingdom » , Stokes Croft, St Werburgh’s and Easton

– Pictures of street art masterpieces around the city (Banksy, El Mac, Cosmo Sarson,

– Information about the Upfest (the most important street art event in Europe)

– Tips on recommended places to visit within Bristol : Workshops, Underground bars and restaurants, art galleries,…

– Organised tours

– A short biography of Banksy



Bristol is a city that all urban art lovers must visit absolutely. On the streets of the popular districts of the “seaside town”, graffitis and stencils are displayed on every available wall. Those of Banksy, of course, but also those of most major international street artists.

In Bristol, street art is “at home”, well almost, except in the historic centre, where four full-time policemen, flanked by a squad of municipal employees, jealously guard the grey walls. In the rest of the city, on the other hand, the colour resumes its rights. In popular and multi-ethnic neighborhoods of Croft Stocks and Saint Paul, graffiti artworks grow day after day to become finally an exciting and bustling form of folk art.


Some streets such as Moon Street, Fraklyn Street, Jamaica Street … have become genuine open-sky galleries over time. Stencils, murals, free hand spray cans paintings, dazibaos, transforming urban items, are jostling, or even overlapping literally on the walls. Often spectacular, covering whole sections of houses and buildings, Bristol street artworks strike by their diversity, their creativity and their originality.





Laurent is a street art blogger and curator and founder of streetart360.

Read the whole article by clicking here…

All photos credits: StreetArt360

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