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artist Vitaly Tsarenkov (SY)


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Vitaly Tsarenkov (SY)

Vitaly Tsarenkov, also known under the alias SY, is a visual artist with a graffiti background from St. Petersburg, Russia. He is a participant of the main project of the Street wave art biennale Artmossphere (2016, 2018).
Like many urban contemporary artists, he creates paintings, murals, and objects. He developed his unique manner, which is characterized by modeling of geometric forms with the help of chiaroscuro. As a result, the figures in Tsarenkov’s works literally crystallize, resembling faceted precious stones. His brush is so accurate and precise that pure and bright colors in the artist’s paintings give the impression of digital vector graphics. The originality of the stylistics doesn’t prevent the artist from speaking with the viewer in the language of understandable images and touching upon pressing questions about the life of a modern person torn by contradictions. V

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