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artist Pilo Pida


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Pilo Pida

I´m a artist from Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, a city in México, in the borderline with U.S.A. I was born here in the frontier in 1988. I´m part of Jellyfish Colectivo. I have already ten years doing art and social projects with art, from individual expositions thru big murals and also workshop with kids in poverty.

Between this years of extreme violence in Ciudad Juárez and arround all the country , I looked for do things to explain to the world the situation here and also to contribute in some way in my community. And to express in my artwork the colors and the life that my country has, and to put in the murals all the folklore that is part of México and also of the life that occurs here in the gap between two countries.

Through the monsters, the skulls, the colors and masks that I paint, I like to give to the viewer the experince to have a closer approach with my country. An experince that gives to you part of the cotidianity, of México and the border with U.S.A, but also the fantasy that we can find in every story from the past time to the present time here.
I want to invite the public with my artwork to reflex and to analyse the situation of my city and my country from differents perspective, from the harsh reality through to the wonderful fantasy.
My place in the map, next to the U.S.A gives to me a mix of the imaginary of the two countries. And you can also find a blending of the two cultures in my artwork. Walking daily through the bridge, going to one country to an other, gives me the experience to live in two very different places and to have in myself variety of thoughts, images and history from both sides.

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