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artist Gus Bill


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Gus Bill

From an early age Gus Bill began to develop his natural talent for drawing and painting. Starting from strikethrough anything at his parents home and on the streets since he was 6 years old, than creating fantasy cartoon characters using his deep imagination, until today when drawing and painting has become an inseparable part of his everyday life. Through different media like canvas, paper, wood, sculpture, painting, installation and mural Gus Bill can overflow his emotions, happiness, sadness and social protest. When watching him during his work the viewer feels different sensations and total devotion.

In the beginning of 1999 Gus Bill created Mata Hati (eye-heart) that can be found in all his works. Mata Hati symbolizes soul or conscience of human being. The rest of the face stays covered to express totality in art, the same as for artist during performance. When creating Gus Bill is using his unique imagination and improvisation together with his passion for art that will stay even after the artist death. In his work, organic forms are fused with ornaments and symbols. Vibrant colors are leaving viewer amazed and impressed.

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