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ROSH 333

Meet Rosh333, the artist from Spain (Alicante) who claims to have a heart that evenly pumps blood and ink. His work stands out because he has found a style in which he develops complex schemes that form structures that he mixes and enlarges while paying special attention to colours.

– (ISSA) Hey, What you choose to drink? Coffee, Tea, Beer, Soda or something else?
(ROSH333) In this moment tea, but it depends on the moment.

-Introduce yourself with three words!
Three, three, three

– Where does your tag name come from?
I like these letters and numbers, how they sound and some of them are part of my name. I chose it 12 years ago.



-How do you define yourself? Artist? Street artist? Anything else?
If I need to say something, i am a visual artist but I don´t like labels really.

– How did it all start for you, and what is it nowadays?
Like in a play, and it´s still being played. My life is all around that.

-What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?
It depends where I am. I usually like to get up and prepare an fresh orange juice.

-Street art is mostly a visually stimulating form of art. To add one more sense to it, what music would you pick to accompany your art work?
I have different kinds of music i like to listen to. Each one of them has its own kind of sound. Those are jazz, electronic music and Afro Beat.

Rosh333_AfroditaRaval_7-16A RAVAL DE ELCHE (Copiar)

-In all forms of art, inspiration is crucial. What inspires you?

Life in general inspires me, experiences, my trips, architecture, music, reading….

-What is the hardest part for you, while working on a piece of art?
It can vary maybe on the choice of the support or the material which is crucial.

-Do you have artists you admire and what for?
The list of artists i admire would is very long to mention here, I can give you though three names:
John Coltrane – Cruz Díez –  Moebius.


-Which cities do you think are the most inspirational for Street Art?
I would say, where there is less Street Art.

-Do you have other passions apart from art?
Food… a meal could also be seen as a kind of art.

-Do you have a wild project that you dream of achieving some day?
A lot, one of them is to create a big playground for children and adults!

-Tell us about your art, does it include symbolisms, messages or repeated patterns?
I have a personal iconography that I use and expand apart from a defined chromatic selection for each line of work. The message changes according to the work of art. I usually try to convey sensations and feelings, something more abstract than a direct message. Also, I try to get the viewer to draw their own conclusions after seeing my work.

ROSH333 MMURAL (Copiar)

– How long time do your works usually survive for?
Some survive for just a few hours others for years. I have painted works that have disappeared the next day and others are 15 years old and their are still “alive”.

-What do you think people first think of or feel when they see one of your works on the street?
I don´t know really, it think there is a variety of different impressions and opinions.

-Do you have a secret you would like to share with us? 🙂
I am Banksy…



-What are your creative plans for the future?
I will continue to paint interesting walls and focus on the works in my studio, paintings and sculptures.

-Is there a specific thought or message you would like to pass to our audience out there?
Here and now “In love we trust”.

Thank you!

It’s been great to get to know more about you and your works.




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