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Meeting Point – Desislava from Bizarre Magazine

We proudly present our latest conversation with a street art lover and curator. Desislava, co-founder of the online magazine Bizarre talks about Art and Music and her presence in Canada, Spain and France.

(ISSA) -Introduce yourself to us…

(D) – Hi, my name is Desislava, Bulgarian girl that lives in Barcelona for almost 7 years, fascinated in traveling, people, why they do what they do, and most of everything – ART!


– What is street art for you? What impact has it had in your life?

Street art for me is the freedom to express yourself in any place of the world, is this added value that has no sex, no country and no time, is the change of the history and the experiences of millions of people, is the reflection of the humanity. All of this written with giant letters, so everybody can see it. The impact that street art has in my life is the feeling of being constantly in love, and this feeling for me is a moving power!

Art is Trash

Art is Trash

– What made you start organizing street art festivals?

I am still asking myself the same thing, maybe the combination of my artist friends, the will to experiment and to not think too much about all this, just do

 – Which street artists do you admire most and why?

This for me is equal to ask a mother which is her favorite child. I can’t choose, I don’t want to, they are all so different and it’s just what I admire.



 – Street art in the last few years has had a big impact on society, a lot of artists being in the spotlight and trying to make a career out of it. What do you think about this evolution?As everything, it has its good and bad sides. From one part, if something turns to something massive it looses a bit of its spirit, it loses its personality and maybe a quality also. Some of the artists probably don’t even know why they do it, they just follow the wave, there is no story, there is no the inner search, there is just some comfortable image that works perfectly for the massive market. From another side, more competition, more demand can take something from its comfort zone and when this happens things start to change for good or bad and then is when evolution happens, and it’s important. It brings the wildest part of us…we get crazy if something starts to change. We grow and we are not perfect.

– Which cities do you think have the biggest activity and influence in the global street art scene?

I suppose New York, Paris, Berlin. Barcelona is getting into there. South America, there are so many activities also.

Insane51 2


– What are you working on nowadays?

On having a love life, hahaha. Apart of this, there are a lot of projects happening and coming on its way.

Some of them are:

I am a co-founder of– online magazine for art and music with bases in Spain, France, and Canada thanks to my co-founder Carlos Carrera with the music part of the project.

Genesis/2016-2017/ that this year is called ¨7 ways to love¨ showing 7 different aspects of love from 7 different artists with interactive urban art murals. You can have a look at the past project here:

And the new one is coming soon in the space of Metric Market. Live painting sessions in the space of Guzzo, Barcelona in collaboration with Subagora.

Sorores project – recently made brand for clothing that makes limited edition authentic stamps in collaboration with artists with base in Barcelona for the moment.

A friendly auction that I want to transform into bigger auction events focused only on urban art with the idea to make the urban art market bigger with more earnings and popularity for the artists.

I also collaborate with festivals, organizations, making communication and more. This is what is happening now.

– What is the biggest challenge when organizing a festival?

Everybody love art, but not everybody can give money for it and in some countries could be a big problem the mentality of the people, even that with the time it’s getting better.

– Do you remember any occasion in which something went horribly wrong?

Yes, before some time ago I organized an open air festival for urban art and extreme sports, only part of the problems was:

To fight with the main architect of the city of the existence of real art and Van Gogh days before the festival, wrong quantities and colors of the paint, rain, fines, change places unexpectedly, government problems again, more rain, hahah. But I will remember those moments as one of the best teachers in my life. It was the best!

Check this if you want to have a look:

Klub7 1


Do you have a wild project that you dream of achieving some day?

I don’t know how wild is this, but I really think that part of the future of urban art is the interactive one. And I want to see interaction in big scale and different surface than walls…water, snow, woods…

Joan Tarragó

Joan TarragoÌ

– What are your plans for the future?To work with more amazing people and live my life as much alive as I can be. 🙂

– Is there a specific thought or message you would like to pass to our audience out there?

To live is a verb. Don’t take your life too serious and never loose your sense of humor (even if nobody understands it). 🙂

Thank you Desislava, It’s been great to know more about the mind and person behind such great projects.

The ‘’I Support Street Art’’ team


Cristian Blanxer

Cristian Blanxer



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