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BLOOP Festival presents Helder Cavalcante murals September 23rd, 2022

BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival addresses social themes every and this year is dedicated to CULMINATION. Helder Cavalcante makes his first appearance at the Mediterranean gem’s longest running art event.

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Nespoon mural for Street Art en Baie Festival August 26th, 2022

We are excited to share with you images from the last mural painted by Polish artist Nespoon in Yffiniac, a charming village in the north of France, in Brittany. The inspiration was a Breton ceremonial shawl from the end of the 19th century,

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The Making of the Squirell at Calle Libre Fest 2022 August 25th, 2022

Michael Harker, the photographer behind the currently popular Street Art book: ”Icons Of Street Art”, recently captured with his camera the creative procedure of the latest art instalation by Arturo Bordalo aka BORDALO II.

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Can Art Help Fight a War? August 23rd, 2022

Shepard Fairey, local artists and curator Iryna Kanishcheva stand for Ukraine with a powerful action and fundraising in Gainesville, Florida. The power of public art in connecting people, raising awareness and positive social change is illustrated by a documentary launched now.

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Happy Family by Jupiterfab in Guadalajara July 26th, 2022

New mural “HAPPY FAMILY” created by Jupiterfab next to next to the biggest market in Guadalajara. It is a reflection about the disconnection caused by digital technology, eating junk food, the overuse of digital apps.

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Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada new mural in Laon France July 25th, 2022

New mural by Jorge Rodriguez Gerada titled “OUTSIGHT”, invites us toquestion the effects of children viewing their worldthrough the ‘play’ symbol. The mural is situated on the side of a residential building in the champagne quarter of Laon,France.

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Spaik splashes colours for upcoming BLOOP event July 22nd, 2022

As a preview event for this year’s BLOOP event, Spaik comes back to splash colors on the white isle of Ibiza for the 4th time. Inspired by his native folklores, a herd of vibrant colored sea creatures such as narwhals (whose horn is a chimney!)

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Gerada Mural “Wishing for Wings” July 12th, 2022

Mural brings attention to the depopulation of rural areas of Spain and across the world. Created for the annual GarGar Festival in Penelles, Lleida, Spain.

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New mural by Ericailcane in Sant’Elia July 11th, 2022

During these days, the international street artist Ericailcane has realized a new mural in via Schiavazzi, Sant’Elia neighborhood, in front of Parco degli Anelli. In the first wall, a big cat plays stuffed made of city buildings

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Interview: Nespoon

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