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Tracce Temporanne / Temporary tracks check the website

October 08, 2015 to October 11, 2015

A construction yard turns into a street art gallery for three days, in poshest Roman neighbourhood Parioli. 28 accomplished artists and a dj-set will perform in a construction site of a bank under renovation. 

All artists were selected according to certain criteria, such as being acclaimed and based in Rome. Among them, high expectations are put on Maupal, who achieved worldwide recognition in 2014 with the Super Pope graffiti ( His art piece called #hunger ensures a vivid visual and emotional experience to the audience. If you consider the fact that all artworks will be deleted after the three day show, it has a high impact.

MAUPAL in Rome

MAUPAL in Rome

Temporary Tracks starts from the idea of using short-term spaces of a building under renovation to create temporary street art exhibitions. After the show, the construction company Gravity will continue its path in turning the building into a private hospital. During the exhibition the audience will see all signs and tracks of the different stages of the building. The sense of impermanent art and that of the immanent renovation will be integrated parts of the visitor experience.

Once the three days event will be over, so the art works will disappear. For this reason, the dates of 8-11 October will be a unique and only chance to visit the exhibition. The audience will be integral and substantial part of the history of the building, and will have a sneak peek at the what’s next.

8-11 October at 17-22,
Viale Liegi n. 39 – Roma

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