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Street Art festival “CHEAP” Bologna, Italy

May 01, 2015 to May 10, 2015

Organized for the first time in May of 2013 Cheap  actively involves large portions of the city of Bologna, carrying out a project of urban regeneration of common areas through one of the most innovative forms of public art and life of recent years: the Street Poster Art.

CHEAP is an independent project that promotes the Street Art as a tool for urban regeneration and survey the area.

CHEAP organizes an annual festival was born in 2013 which provides an open international call and a selection of guests called to work on site-specific projects, modulated on the urban landscape and the peripheral of Bologna.

CHEAP is a nomadic subject: from the bottom, enhances the hybridization of forms of expression, supports participatory processes, re-appropriations acts of collective spaces in which liberate creative energies.

Opening day: 1 May Start: 1.00 pm


Levalet | Piazza Azzarita, Parcheggio | 1-3 maggio

NemO’s | Ippodromo, via dell’Arcoveggio | 2-10 maggio

Vinz Feel Free | Autostazione, viale Masini | 3-10 maggio

Madame Moustache | Palestra Boxe “Le torri”, via Ada Negri | 4-9 maggio

Bifido | Scuola dell’infanzia Mago Merlino, Via Azzo Gardino 63 | 4-9 maggio

Ufocinque + Werther | TPO, via Casarini 17/5 | 2-10 maggio



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