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CVTà Street Fest

April 04, 2017 to June 04, 2017

Finally, the Festival CVTÁ is back to Civitacampomarano, in the province of Campobasso : the Urban Art Festival designed by Alice Pasquini “Alice art”,  wants to re-paint the walls of t an e ancient village in Molise with the colors of hope, in a bid to counter the depopulation of the country. It was not an easy year for the inhabitants of Civitacampomarano, who have wanted and supported the event, they have decided to open the doors of their homes to the artists invited and even cooking for them.

In fact, while the Pro Loco “Vincenzo Cuoco”, artistic director Alice Pasquini and all the staff of the organization of the festival were engaged in the design of a second even more rich and exciting year than last year, a series of  natural  disaster events has seriously compromise the  possibility of living in the country almost in many of its parts.

Last winter brought three meters of snow that became a layer of ice this one affected the murals painted in the first edition of the festival, damaging the structures of houses already affected by the earthquake.

Taking into the account of these serious problems, CVTá Fest chooses to resist and to take another step forward the ambitious dream of saving the country through art and artists. This is why the formula of the event has been completely redesigned since last year: it no longer focuses on a calendar full of events. The 2017 edition of the festival takes place over three months with a real relay team of four international artists who take turns, always with brushes in hand, working one after another on the walls of the town.

ARTIST: Gola, Bosoletti, Nespoon, Maria Pia Picozza


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