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artist Tayone


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Creator in the field of visual arts. Lives and works in Vigo.I develop my artwork around painting, illustration, sculputure, muralism and free contributions in the public space using them as a comunication tool to create a sublime reality that includes us.
His artwork refers to the line between the margin of outside and the integrated, mainstream and popular culture, elevated (fine) art and the emergency or the responsability of the cultural entity on top of many others. His work is full of illusions to the conection between the human being and his natural, social and political context, in a more or less inmediate way, metareferencial questions and simbolism. He often uses humour , critic sense and author terrorism whith a transforming desire.
From his beginings in the graffiti in the early 90´s, and after, Tayone got his degree in the Fine Arts School in Pontevedra and nowadays, he reserches new expression forms to go beyond certain clichés, esthetic formulas and ways to create, in a resistance exercise.

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