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artist Sergey Akramov


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Sergey Akramov

Sergey Akramov (b. 1993) lives and works in Ekaterinburg, Russia, graduated from USUAA’17, Master of Architecture. Visual art practice began in 2007 with street painting – graffiti and street art. Now focus on painting on canvas and muralism. In his artworks Sergey combines figurative and abstraction, inspired by the aesthetics of daily life, urban textures and natural landscapes.

Working on the project “Layers of Time” – a visual language that displays time, the transience of life, like scraps of memory, by analogy with torn street ads.
Usually the main character is a houseplant. I painted a houseplant as a symbol of human connection with nature. This symbol is specially hyperbolized to such a scale in combination with the typical gray buildings of the district. This story is from the category of “domestication” of an adverse environment.

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