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artist Rubén Lorca


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Rubén Lorca

Artistic Statement by Ruben Lorca: I see art primarily as a form of expression, a need just like breathing or feeding. A tool that allows me to turn thoughts into illustrations. I try to create images that attract the viewer’s attention, suggesting an idea that may be the seed of a judgment or verdict by the observer. My works are open speeches, and this is an interesting point, is complicated that two subjects can give a similar opinion on what they see and there is no one conclusion is more valid than the other.
I like the idea of referring to the protagonists of my works as “inhabitants”, they are isolated and autonomous bodies floating in an aseptic space, devoid of references and do not compete with other elements for the viewer’s attention. Many of them are hybrids and have animal characteristics, highlighting the wild nature of human beings, their bestiality.
The way I see fantasy or surrealism, is not a way to avoid or reject reality, rather it is a different and unique method to approach it.

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