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Visual artist Rafa Monteiro, or just Rafa Mon – is from Monte Sião, Minas Gerais. She began her career working with fashion design, but she soon began to venture into plastic arts, her great passion. She started testing her ultra-colorful drawings in bags and T-shirts, until she experienced painting her first wall and from then on, she has never stopped. From 2014, she intensified her politicized works, which only increased the popularity and reach of her art. Because of her success came a series of highly visible works, such as the ceiling painting of Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim and the development of an exclusive print for Adidas in Rio Olympics.

Other notable works include a 350m2 mural in Riocentro, as well as prints for Salinas and Maria Filó brands. Rafa has also painted several murals in actions to combat homophobia and last year she produced the largest panel of her career, the side of a building on Botafogo shoreline, 36 meters high. Last year she signed two prints for the new collection of Ipanema/Grendene sandals; she also launched her first collection of notebooks by 3B publishing house and was invited by WWF to be part of the artistic team who created actions for one of its campaigns in São Paulo. She started 2019 creating a 600m2 mural in Barra da Tijuca and will soon launch her participation in another line of Ipanema/Grendene sandals signing three new prints. Of a tremendous visual impact and with a striking style, her work can be seen in several points of Rio de Janeiro, where she has been living for 14 years, always imposing herself the challenge of making the “Wonderful City” even more beautiful.

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