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Mr. June started out with graffiti in ’85. Heavily influenced by oldskool hip-hop and breakdance, he soon fell in love with the concept of graphic design. Even though he worked as an art director and touched base with the big guys in the hectic world of commerce, he soon realized this was cramping his style and forced him to take matters into his own hands. His own graphic design studio was born, offering a multi-disciplinary area of art, video, illustration and interactive productions. Later on, he found peace in working as a graphic design teacher.
Over the last years, he has found his way to combine his love for typography, splashing colors and the addition of extra dimensions into his own recognizable style. His graffiti roots have evolved into a blend of abstract shapes and forms that can be found on walls, canvas and a multitude of other surfaces.
Passionately searching for the perfect form, he continues to make illusions by playing with lines, directions and color shades.

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