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artist Lo Milo


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Lo Milo

Lo Milo (1992) is a visual artist and urban explorer based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. His interest in street and urban art developed through constant observation of public spaces and open areas, especially of inconspicuous details at first glance. As the main feature of his work, we experience adapting on the surroundings and including his additions in the broader view. That requires spontaneous, site-specific approach through certain interventions in already existing environments. Lo Milo is not interested in steady repeating, skill-developing and building a recognisable style. Visual values of his works spring from different fields, such as minimal art as well as abstract graffiti with post-digital influence. A dose of subtlety and unnecessary exposure make those works unspectacular what plays an important role in Lo Milo’s creativity. His works take place in urban areas, abandoned places and natural surroundings and all of them have been created on the personal responsibility.
For Lo Milo, public spaces are areas of endless possibilities due to complex relations between objects and present phenomena which make those spaces constantly variable, dynamic and never finally defined. On the other side, public spaces are a wide field of communication which allow immediate availability to a wide range of individuals.

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