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artist Ale Senso


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Ale Senso

Ale Senso is attracted from stories, she absorbs them, she reworks them and sometimes she mixes them and then transfers them into the environment as symbolic and oneiric shapes. She plays with space, surfaces and their peculiarities creating a carefully studied balance which comes  at the same time  spontaneous. The sinuous lines and the harmony of traits reflect the formal research behind her works. The heterogeneity of materials and techniques, the contamination of visual languages, the particular use of symbols make her undoubtedly an eclectic artist. Key topic of her works is the human being and his relation both with his own inner side than with Nature. “The location is a determining factor to me. Since I started to sneak in abandoned places my perception of space has changed and has also influenced my perception of the urban environment. It has led me to favour dirty, musty walls with peeled off plaster over the  brand new but coldly aseptic ones”

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