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artist HNRX


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HNRX, doesnt consider himself as a street artist or a graffiti type of artist. He started painting with cans and acrylics in 2012 but he has been in love with art since born! When he paints he feels devoted creating from within and having fun.

 HNRX is an artist who often paints in public spaces as well as on paper or anything else. He likes to work on concrete and walls with errors and uneveness. The background in his worksare mostly not perfect so he always has to work the best out of it. This makes each work unique and offers it a sense of it being alive. That is the reason he never works on canvas, maybe some carton or other kind of material. Due to the uneveness, cartons are similar to walls and they all have their own story. His art doesnt contain any political statements or what happens around the world. His intention is to transfer pictures with fun, joy and love to the audience, becauseas he says: ‘the world is beautifull’.


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