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artist Elbi Elem


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Elbi Elem

I live and work in Barcelona. I started making kinetic sculpture in 2002. Abstract by nature, with a clear interest in the movement and composition of forms in space, volume is very important in my work. My aim is to find balance in everything, I combine study work with urban art interventions, where I started 7 years ago.

Along with the variety of materials used, architecture, urban landscapes and street textures are a source of inspiration. With my work I express myself and try interpret in my own way how I see my inner world.

The latest works continue in the search and mixing of sculpture with painting in murals and 3D-dimensional installations creating visual effects by their own projection or point of view, using video and projection as a tool to elevate the work itself, unfolding it and using it as one’s own mirror where look inside and evolve, transform in an infinite way.

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