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Known for creating psychedelic landscapes using the unique color palette he developed mostly on the streets of New York, Eelco van den Berg is a Dutch painter, muralist, and illustrator. Mesmerized by hip-hop during elementary school (it still influences him greatly), he ventured out, beginning his artistic career by writing graffiti. At one point, he realized that lettering wasn’t sufficient in order to tell the complete story, so he turned to figuration. Now, his mostly hand-drawn work is standing out with its strong use of color, motifs, outlines and illustrative elements in a surrealistic pop art style. Speaking of motifs, ever since he painted a cat in Berlin back in 2013, the animal imagery has stayed with him. In June of 2016, he did a mural on the side of 41 N. Broadway in New York. It features wildlife and flora native to the Saw Mill and Hudson rivers – a nod to the recent efforts to get Yonkers declared an urban wildlife refuge. Van den Berg’s mural is also part of an effort to create an urban cachet.

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