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artist Carolina Falkholt


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Carolina Falkholt

Carolina Falkholt is a female artist from Sweden. Since the late 90’s she has developed graffiti towards a musical, performative and social practise. She regularly invite other artists, musicians, the public and organisation to collaborate with her. She is a processed based artist and apart from spray painting and drawing she also make sculptures, performance, lyrics, music and video.

Her expressions are intertwined and words, subjects, collaborations and sound feed off each other, mix and hybridize which in turn creates structure, rhythm and meaning. Falkholt explores not only her own aesthetic expression but also the social possibilities of graffiti in the gap between graffiti as subculture and graffiti as contemporary art.

She tends to work in large scales, site specific and through improvisation. In her practice she deals with topics like the biographical, contemporary social issues and local history. Her firm standpoints about issues like feminism and artistic freedom, and the fact that she with her work, and with her persona she take up big public spaces which clashes with patriarchal structures and provokes discussion. Carolina Falkholt’s artistic process on site is fierce and exact. Formally the colourful sfumato-like backgrounds meet her significant line drawings that form intricate meshworks, and typical motives are semiotic imagery and the female body.

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